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From its humble beginning eight years ago ESI always concentrated on the three things that are most important for a customer.

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Prototype Building

Everyday we receive calls from potential customers with great design ideas but with out any clue about where to start to build their product. We at ESI recognize that there is a difference between servicing the customer's prototype and pre-production needs versus meeting the larger volume production requirements. Many times the way the prototype is handled dictates the success or failure of a new design. It is very important that many of the intricate and complex design issues are resolved at the prototype stage before they become too difficult or too expensive to resolve at the production stage.

At the prototype and pre-production stages, products are typically in a state of on-going development that requires the ability to respond to design changes while still meeting the demanding performance and schedule requirements. Through the utilization of assembly skills learned over decades of experience, ESI has attained the status as a leader in prototype and pre-production manufacturing. We have the capability through our partner companies to be able to procure small quantities of PCB's, custom molded parts and electronic components at low cost to produce the prototype quantities.

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