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        From its humble beginning eight years ago, ESI has always concentrated on the three things that are crucial to the customer. We pride ourselves in providing high quality products, at the lowest price, while offering unmatched customer service. In the current global market place, it is difficult to find a manufacturer who is committed to excel in these three things.

          ESI is a full service Electronic and Electro Mechanical contract manufacturer, serving a diverse group of customers including Automotive Suppliers, Appliance manufacturers, and diverse commercial equipment manufacturers.


          Products manufactured include complex printed circuit board assemblies, complicated wire harnesses, and complete box build systems built to customer's specifications. Our services include complete design of Electronic and Electro Mechanical products to meet customer's performance specifications, Establishing test criteria and designing test apparatus, Project management, Supply Chain Management. ESI can take the product from the prototype stage all the way to mass production.

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PHONE: 314-423-5400
FAX: 314-423-9449
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